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CritterGod Datasheet


Have you ever wanted to play god?

To create a universe filled with evolving life and experiment with it?

To see [& hear] the universe from your creation’s virtual eyes and ears?

CritterGod is free and opensource!

CritterGod is a general purpose simulation that can be used for entertainment and education, as well as [...]

SpaceGraph-C v2.0 (engine for CritterGod experiments)

SpaceGraph-C v2.0
SpaceGraph-C is an interactive simulation system for any abstract purpose, including, but not limited to:

Desktop Applications

Data Visualization

Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Algorithm Simulation

Software Development

Social Networking

Multimedia Production


The SpaceGraph rendering environment and control systems.

bullet-src/ & bullet-gl/
These are exact copies of the Bullet-2.77 physics engine ’src’ [...]

CritterGod 3D Neural Visualization

CritterGod Preview 4

CritterGod Snakes and Spider 1

CritterGod Parametric Spiders 1 (video)

Development Plans - Jan 2010

In making the transition from critterding to critterdrug to crittergod, we are planning the following improvements:

Refactored Source Code – it should make more sense, be more abstract and modular - allowing us to fractalize it further and add more features
Laboratory Environment – starts up in a blank environment where you can add objects which can be [...]