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What is it?

This is rich rich work and if you which i encourage and admire in those with the technical vocabularies to really enable florid results.

Thanks for exploring!

a complete AGI operating system + web browser

unification of “artificial intelligence”, “cognition”, “reasoning”, “semantic”, “social network”, and “virtual reality” software systems



morphogenic fields


omni-directional embodiment

  • Mind in SpaceTime = Embodiment
  • SpaceTime in Mind = Simulation / Imagination


The semantic meaning of present-moment thought, alone, generates simple, direct, and efficient human-computer interaction experiences.

Self-transforming high-frequency 2D/3D hyperlinked fractal networks grown from language, code, graphics, and audio expressions evolve a universally adaptable system design that unifies all computing applications and services — maximizing clarity and simplicity.

We’re undertaking a serious effort aimed at building a thinking machine.

These tools are actually self-contained life-forms or virtual worlds themselves, already (though relatively inactive and behaviorally rigid). Then a-life developers, whether realizing it or not, interact with a virtual world of evolving widgets and logic in order to develop another.

If “living components” or “living widgets” can facilitate their development processes themselves, then it is like a purposeful feedback loop.

i want them to see tooltip info for objects they’re touching and are visible

have to fix dragging too so it won’t clip through the floor anymore
i want to grow neural networks dynamically on the screen
like when theres a button i want to grow a neural network into or out of it

and then when i move another thing with neurons, they connect
to blend neurons, critter bodies, and GUI components
in the same space

how do we do this right?????

a full opengl OS
it would work on playstation, mobile phones, etc

Tooltips can show digits as well as coloured bar charts… it would be quicker for the critters to learn to read the charts than to evolve the values of digits, or the importance of the number of digits in a row… but critters that had evolved for some time around the numbers could be put in a closed contest to evolve them for sensitivity to the numeric value of strings of digits, and achieve structures for reading decimal values that way. 0% neuron/synapse removal during the closed contest is indicated — flamoot