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SpaceGraph-C v2.0 (engine for CritterGod experiments)

SpaceGraph-C v2.0
SpaceGraph-C is an interactive simulation system for any abstract purpose, including, but not limited to:

  Desktop Applications

  Data Visualization

  Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Algorithm Simulation

  Software Development

  Social Networking

  Multimedia Production


		The SpaceGraph rendering environment and control systems.

	bullet-src/ & bullet-gl/
		These are exact copies of the Bullet-2.77 physics engine 'src' and 'Demos/OpenGL' directories...
		...except that the BulletMultiThreaded/GpuSoftBodySolvers directory was removed when it didn't compile as-is under Ubuntu linux.
		(A more careful cross-platform facility may not require it's removal in the future.)

		The purpose being that when new bullet versions are released, they can be dropped-in.

	The Makefile was generated from NetBeans 6.9 and the NetBeans project files are included for immediate opening.


Development Plan:

		add(Process* p)
		remove(Process *p)


	BodyProcess extends CellProcess
		Vector3f color
		String name
		onTouched(world, normal)
		onPressed(world, normal, pressed?)

	BrainProcess extends CellProcess
		BrainInterface alloc(key, unsigned inputs, unsigned outputs)
		addNeuron(Neuron n, vector<Neuron> inputs, vector<Neuron> outputs)
		getRandomNeuron(float probabilityInput, floatProbabilityOutput, float

	Neuron extends CellProcess

	InputNeuron extends Neuron

	OutputNeuron extends Neuron

	IzhikevichNeuron extends Neuron
		[ map all of CritterDrug's neural modulators to this class's activity ]

	BrainInput extends CellProcess
		a vector of InputNeurons

	BrainOutput extends CellProcess
		a vector of OutputNeurons

	BrainMap(unsigned inputs, unsigned outputs) extends CellProcess
		instantiates 2 inputs and 2 outputs and directly propagates signals across. used to link 2 brains



[16:36] <sseehh__> once its all ported then i can grow it to new features
[16:37] <sseehh__> including the in-world controls
[16:37] <sseehh__> for building and manipulating creatures
[16:37] <sseehh__> like tables and benches and factories
[16:37] <sseehh__> with switches and sliders
[16:37] <sseehh__> then the creatures will eventually be capable of building other creatures
[16:37] <flamt> :|
[16:37] <sseehh__> pushing buttons, looking at readouts
[16:38] <sseehh__> AI engines will become useful
[16:38] <sseehh__> we can input semantic data directly into cognition engines, for instance
[16:38] <sseehh__> bypassing low-level neural stuff
[16:38] <sseehh__> but still including it
[16:38] <sseehh__> for things like vision and balancing
[16:38] <flamt> that will be a very rich world
[16:38] <flamt> comparatively
[16:38] <flamt> like greg egan

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