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CritterGod Datasheet


Have you ever wanted to play god?

To create a universe filled with evolving life and experiment with it?

To see [& hear] the universe from your creation’s virtual eyes and ears?

CritterGod is free and opensource!

CritterGod is a general purpose simulation that can be used for entertainment and education, as well as an engineering solution to robot and robot-ecology design problems.


Items in [brackets] are planned but not implemented.

Simulated kinematic physics and raytraced vision in customisable 3D environments

  • Bullet physics engine

  • OpenGL Shader textures & Lights 3D rendering

  • Gravity (zero, or directional vector), Drag (simulates air or water resistance)

  • Flat or Spherical World

  • Client/server architecture: multiple clients on a common environment server

Genomic Bioneural Evolver

  • Abstract genome -> phenotype mapping

  • Range of body parts and joints

  • Auto exchange, enabling much larger shared populations over multiple cores and CPU’s

Spiking Neural Networks

  • Arbitrary size and wiring parameters

  • Adjustable neuroplasticity for online learning

openGL Vision

  • Retinas capable of seeing red/green/blue and alpha channels.

  • Customizable retina size


  • Nutrients: Adjusts energy levels

  • [Variable shapes]

  • [Drugs: Adjusts neural parameters]

Human Interaction

  • Mouse / Keyboard environment manipulation

  • Webcam

  • [Auto-zoom]

Heads-up Display

  • Neural network visualizer

  • Statistic charts

Critter Import

  • [Interactively drawn body profile]

Critter Export

  • 3D Model

  • [To Webpage or Github, with embedded 3D model]

  • [To 3D printer (for prototype manufacturing)]

Hardware/Software Requirements

Linux or Windows

OpenGL with Shaders support

Decent GPU acceleration

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