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Development Plans - Jan 2010

In making the transition from critterding to critterdrug to crittergod, we are planning the following improvements:

  • Refactored Source Code – it should make more sense, be more abstract and modular - allowing us to fractalize it further and add more features
  • Laboratory Environment – starts up in a blank environment where you can add objects which can be critters or tools or lab equipment.  critters can be interactively re-built with new parameters.
  • Parametric Bodies – starting with snake, then move to spider, then humanoid models.  each model will have various parameters that can be adjusted
  • Adjustable Physics Parameters – including gravity and timescale controls
  • Dynamic Attach and Snap - cells will be able to attach when close, and snap when pulled from eachother.  so a creature will need to be concerne about its own structural integrity.  if cells can be detached then another critter can rip another one apart, or chew it, or stab it.
  • First-Person Critter Control – go inside the critter, see thru its eyes, and control its peripherals
  • Interactive Examples of Small Brainz Networks – that show exactly how they function, and to serve as unit tests – with graphs and interactive knobs.  each neuron will be visualized and inputs will be adjustable.  will include neurotransmitter injection controls.
  • Multicore Parallelization - various simulation processes can be paralellized, for example isolated neural networks
  • Adjustable and Independent Process Frequencies – to support different concurrent frequencies of various simulation processes, ex: to have vision running at lower frequency than neural processing should produce a significant performance gain
  • A Report on Profiling CritterGod - to share with you where the CPU and Memory performance bottlenecks truly are, and start optimizing them
  • Particle effects – ex: like blood spray
  • Visual cortex read-out – like the cat vision you’ve seen pictures from, for eye and minds-eye
  • CA Rules Evolution – rewards for modifications to psychic screen corresponding to a desired set of propagation rules so critter brains can become cellular automata substrate computers as well as social survival machines if desired

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